Frontier Camp

Frontier camp takes you back in time to live the life of a young Davy Crockett.  It allows Scouts, Scouters, and parents to experience life skills and crafts that were common in the early 1800’s.  Living in Frontier Camp  has an atmosphere and camaraderie different from most traditional base camp experiences.


Participants will enter the 1800’s on Sunday afternoon and experience life as our ancestors knew it until they return to the 21st century on Saturday morning.  Villagers live in tents and use equipment that was available in the 1800’s.


Each camper will be given a hunting shirt, which will be your uniform for the week.  The shirt will be yours to keep.


The skills you will participate in are primitive fire building, basic muzzle-loading, blacksmithing, tomahawk/knife throwing, leatherworking, traps/snares, rope making and natural dyeing.


Merit badge opportunities (if camper is willing to spend extra evening time):   American Culture, American Heritage, Basketry, Indian Lore, Leatherwork, Metal Work (blacksmithing), Rifle Shooting (muzzleloader), Textile, and Wood Carving.


Venturing opportunities:  Outdoor Living History, Muzzle loading Discipline Venturing Shooting sports Outstanding Achievement Award and Shooting Sports for Venturing Ranger Award.


* Some additional fees may apply for Merit Badge/Venturing Awards.



Wool blankets or sleeping bag

Air Mattress or Cot

Camp Chair

Canteen/Water Bottle

Small flashlight


Towels & Wash Cloth

Toilet Items (toothbrush, etc.)

Pocket Knife

Unscented Soap

Earth tone long pants (no camouflage)

Earth tone shorts

Jacket and raingear

Extra socks & Underwear

Swim Suit

Brown or Black Hiking Boots/Shoes

Leather Gloves for forge work

Notebook & Pen

Merit Badge Pamphlets/worksheets

Money for Trading Post/Frontier Camp Tavern

Optional White Canvas Tarp (painter's Cloth)  NO PLASTIC TARPS